Automatic Batching Complex

Specialists of our company developed Automatic Batching Complex “ADK-40”. This complex is meant for raw components batching in the process of cell concrete production in automatic mode. Complex productivity is 40 m3 per shift.
“ADK-40” complex is ready engineering decision for enterprises which have or plan to start foam concrete, polystyrene concrete or gas concrete production.  

Distinctive feature of ADK-40 is that complex equipment is assembled and installed as single module ready for operation. All complex elements are notable for high reliability and showed themselves to good advantage during operation as parts of automatic production lines.
The complex consists of bridge, 2 section weigh batcher, complex control panel and water metering unit. For polystyrene concrete production complex is additionally equipped with volume batcher of polystyrene foamed granules.
Principle of operation is the following: before starting operator selects required density on the control panel. Program memory may have few formulations for different density types of material.  You can change density pressing one button. The operator shall press «пуск» (“start”) button.  By means of the pump water goes into electronic batcher DV-1700 and then to the mixer. When mixer is full with required amount of water feed automatically stops. By means of screw or belt conveyor raw materials (cement, sand or other) by turn go to the weigh batcher equipped with tensometric sensors (according to rate of application for selected density). When batching is done pneumatic drive opens gate of batcher hopper, and raw materials start unloading to the mixer. During preparation of solution in the mixer, weigh batcher shall be loaded with cement and sand in automatic mode, and when load is completed cycle repeats.


Automation of production steps control processes. Electronic control system is used in “ADK-40” complex. This system controls feed and batching of raw materials. One operator runs the complex.

Batching stability. Expendable materials are fed into the weigh batcher equipped with tensometric sensors and weight controller, which allow achieving accurate weighing. Stability and accuracy of water batching are provided by DV-1700 electronic batcher.

High productivity. High productivity is provided with loading speed of the mixer with water and raw materials.

Quality of products. Products manufactured by our numerous customers are certified. You are welcome to get to know our products and ascertain their quality and advantages.





  ADK-40 Batching section

  1. Bridge (as a unit)
  2. 2 section weigh batcher, weighing limit is 1200 kg 

  - tensometric sensors
  - gate with pneumatic drive
  - vibrator

  3. Complex control panel (automatic batching, and control of sand and cement feed sections)

  4. Section of water batching 

  - electronic water batcher DV-1700
  - step-up pump, 17 m3/hr
  - capacity 1 m3


  Gas concrete mixer GB-0,85 m3


  Section of sand sieving and feed

1. Vibrocribble VG
  2. Belt conveyor for sand, L-6 m, chevron belt «SAVA» 


  Section of cement feed

1. Splitter of “big bags”
  2. Screw conveyor, L-6 m
  3. Silo for cement storage 30, 52, 80m3

  (drawings for independent fabrication)*


When making equipment we use only proved and high quality components of key European and domestic manufacturers who established a reputation in their spheres, such as:

  • WAM
  • Camozzi
  • SAVA
  • Schneider Electric

Purchasing equipment set you additionally get:
  • High reliability because all equipment is made with margin of safety and power;
  • Drawings for independent fabrication of molds;
  • Technological regulations for gas concrete production;
  • Advices on the application of products;
  • Free training on the existing factory;
  • Warranty service within 12 months and process engineer consulting;
  • Process engineer’s visit for installation tuning, compositions selection, training of operating practices, and personal training (separate payment).