Set of equipment to enable manual loading of raw materials

In addition to automated lines, our company offers complete sets of equipment for small enterprises with manual loading of raw materials.

The company Siberian Construction Technologies designs and completes sets of equipment with manual loading of raw materials for non-autoclaved foamed concrete. The set includes:

  • Mixer for foamed concrete with embedded semi-automatic foam generator; 
  • Compressor; 
  • Vibrating screen for sand sifting; 
  • RK-3 Cutting set; 
  • FM-0,84 m3, FM-1,47 m3 Moulds for RK-3 Cutting set.  

Mixers for foamed concrete are represented by installations of series «RSG-500», «RSG-1000». These installations are designed for preparation and transportation of foamed concrete mixture of different density to a laying place.

The installation consists of the following main units mounted on a frame, which are easy to maintain:

  • hermetic mixer, volume 500 (1000) liters; 
  • system of foam generation(foam generator);  
  • remote control; 
  • gear motor (Italy).  

Mixing mechanism of the installation consists of two oppositely directed screws. This fact provides high quality mixing of mix components.
Design of the mixer allows refusing from using of extra pumps to transport mixture. The mixture is delivered to the laying place with the help of compressed air pumped to the mixer by compressor. It is possible to feed the mixture to a distance of 20-30 meters horizontally and 5-6 meters vertically.


Our company offers to supply piston-type compressors of series серии Aircast C-100LB40, C-200LB40. AirCast compressors are compressors with belt drive and cast iron head developed by French company LACME. Use of cast iron device increases operating life of the compressor, its efficiency factor and extends continuous work time of the compressor.

Vibrating screen for sand sifting.

VG1 vibrating screen is designed for sieving of plugging inclusions and grains of sand more than 2mm. If necessary the vibrating screen can distribute sand into several required fractions. Sand sifting is due to the screen vibration of high amplitude.

RK-3 Cutting set.

RK-3 Cutting Set is universal and it is meant for vertical sawing foamed concrete, polystyrene concrete or gas concrete into blocks of given sizes. Cutting technology make it possible to avoid the use of expensive battery molds and to achieve high accuracy of blocks’ sizes and quality of their surface. Use of the cutting set excludes a number of manual operations; increases labor capacity and reduce staff workers (to service the set only 1 person is needed). The cutting technology provides to manufacture products with geometric fidelity of ± 1 mm and product’s surface quality which meets necessary standards. This fact allows making settings using special types of glue and significantly increases thermal efficiency of exterior walls. 

The cutting set consists of the outfeed table for a mass and vertical band saw which divides the mass into blocks of given sizes.  

FM-0,84 m3, FM-1,47 m3 Moulds.

For pouring and forming of mass FM-0,84 m3 and FM-1,47 m3 moulds are used. Size of mass for sawing is 1198*598*295 mm (or other sizes). Blocks have constant length and height, blocks’ thickness is determined by the operator.


Operating principle of the set of equipment:

Water, cement, sand and chemical admixtures are loaded one-by-one to the mixing installation. Sand-cement mortar is prepared, which is stirred for 2-5 min until smooth. The compressor installation is switched on (according to the instruction manual). Optimum air pressure for stable operating of the foam generator system is 2-6 atm. When the sand-cement mortar is ready the operator switches on the foam generator installation and technical foam of predetermined expansion rate goes to the mixer (in amounts necessary to produce the required volume of the foamed concrete mix). The operator visually inspects the volume. The foamed concrete mixture is stirred for 3-5 min. Ready mixture through the drain valve of the mixer and with the help of gage pressure goes through the resin pipe line and is evenly poured into the moulds. Before pouring the moulds are lubricated with release compositions. After pouring the moulds with mass are exposed with heat treatment. Process of thermal treatment is performed according to the process procedure. Use of thermal treatment allows to speed up process of stripping strength gain, as well as to get foamed concrete with higher strength characteristics. Then the moulds are dismantled. 

After dismantle, mass meant for sawing with gripper and with the help of telpher or other hoist is installed on the outfeed table. Then actuator of band saw is starts. The operator moves the band saw machine and saws off block of required size. Then the machine returns to its original position. Ready blocks are taken from the outfeed table, stacked on pallets and wrapped with wrap tape. The pallets with polystyrene concrete blocks are kept in the storage area for finished product till they get 70 % of strength and max 25 % of selling humidity. Storage temperature of finished product should be min +15oС. The pallets with blocks are installed in 2-3 layers. Required space is calculated on the basis of daily productivity.  


High quality of mixture stirring. Mixing mechanism of the installation consists of two oppositely directed screws. This fact provides high quality mixing of the mortar with the foam.

High profitability. Low cost of the set allows organizing highly profitable business with short payback period.  

Quality of products. The products manufactured by our numerous clients are certified. We invite you to get to know our products and confirm its advantages.  
Purchasing the set of equipment you also get:

  • High reliability of equipment, all separate elements of the set are made with strength and power assurance;  
  • Schemes for individual processing of the moulds;  
  • Operating procedure for foamed concrete manufacturing;  
  • Recommendations how to use products;  
  • GOSTs necessary for manufacturing;  
  • Free training on working factory;  
  • After-sales service, technologist’s consulting;  
  • Technologist’s visit for start-up of the line, proportioning, development of processing methods for products manufactures, and also staff training (paid separately).