27.03.2018 27.03.2018 Independent trials for EPS concrete in the Technological University Vale dos Sinos, Brasil
It has been 4 years since the EPS concrete production line was commissioned and AVS Concreto leve, Brazilian company, confirms that there is a great demand for the material in the construction market of Latin America.

Thanks to such properties as lightweight, low thermal conductivity, eco friendliness, and fire safety, EPS concrete comes into use in civil and residential construction. AVS Concreto leve held independent trials for EPS concrete in the Technological University Vale dos Sinos.

The results proved that the material corresponds to all the requirements to its stability, low adsorption humidity, thermal insulation and fire safety, related to CF240 grade, under Report No. 0563/2014, NBR 10636 classification. The state-of- the-art equipment and quality control software enable AVS Concreto leve to manufacture high-quality products.

07.03.2018 07.03.2018 Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. Polystyrene concrete plant

From 24 February to 03 March, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, our company commissioned an automated EPS concrete block production line with the throughput of 40 cu. m per shift. 

The line is equipped with an automated batching unit, polystyrene expansion section, and ARK-004 cutting unit

Locally manufactured materials, such as cement and polystyrene, are used as raw materials. Besides, the technology envisages use of fly ash (which is a waste product from fuel and energy sector companies in Vietnam) as a siliceous component. Development and implementation of the technology using industrial waste has enabled the company to significantly cut down the cost of their final products while preserving all the required properties. 

During technological works, the production modes were worked out as well as the composition of EPS concrete varieties (from D300 to D600) were elaborated. After that, our experts trained the company’s personnel to operate the equipment. At the moment, the company is actively developing application of such blocks in the Vietnamese construction industry.

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16.10.2017 16.10.2017 Crimea, Sevastopol. Re-equipment of manufacture

29.06.2017 29.06.2017. Republic of Tyva, Kyzyl. Polystyrene Concrete Block Factory

From 29 June to 2 July 2017, in the Tes-Hesk District of the Republic of Tyva, a line for production of polystyrene-concrete blocks with a capacity of 30 cu. m per shift was commissioned.

The line includes a section for expanding polystyrene, a mixing section with a dosing complex, a section for forming massifs, and a sawing section. The sawing section is equipped with the ARK-003 automated cutting complex.

Specialists of our company performed works on adjusting the equipment and starting it up in the test mode. After that, works were carried out on selection of polystyreneconcrete composition, development of process modes of manufacturing products, and training Customer's personnel to work with equipment.

At the end of the works, the first batch of polystyreneconcrete of grade D-400 as per average density was produced. Nowadays, the enterprise produces certified polystyreneconcrete blocks and carries out construction of municipal facilities in the Republic of Tuva.

09.04.2017 10.04.2017. Vladivostok. Modernization of the Polystyrene Concrete Factory

NGO BIPLAST company was founded in 2012 and carries out activities in the field of production of polystyrene-concrete blocks of the latest generation.

The organization has its own production. The plant is located in Primorsky Krai, 8 km from Arsenyev (Novosysoevka village). The area of ​​the plant is 5 hectares, and the area of ​​production capacities is 2,500 sq.m. The number of employees working at the enterprise is 75. The main part of the technological equipment at the plant is made in Russia.

The production and control process is fully automated and computerized. All products have certificates of conformity. Produced polystyrene-concrete products undergo quality control and are stored on the company's own bases. Characteristics of the polystyrene-concrete blocks produced by the enterprise refer this building material to the energy-efficient category, which allows having competitive advantages over other building blocks on the market.

NPO BIPLASTLLC carefully approaches selection of partners and cooperates with suppliers of high quality raw materials for the production of polystyrene-concrete blocks only. The clients of the enterprise are mainly design organizations and construction companies.

Geography of the organization's activities covers the Far Eastern Federal District. The first stage of the plant with a capacity of 120 cu. m per day was launched in March 2014.

The enterprise is capable of producing 3,500 m3 of polystyreneconcrete products per month, and, if necessary, an increase of this volume to 5,000 m3 over the same time period id possible. The company has its own logistics department capable of providing delivery of products to a customer in any region of the Far East.

NPO BIPLASTLLC was introduced by the Administration of Primorsky Krai into the Catalog of Manufacturers of Building Materials Produced in Primorsky Krai to implement federal and regional programs on provisionof housing for the economy class of the region's population.

In 2014, NPO BIPLASTLLC took part in the XXII specialized CONSTRUCTIONexhibition. In addition, polystyreneconcrete blocks by NPO BIPLASTLLC were announced a winner in the contest Technical Solutions in Low-Height Construction.

The enterprise's products were awarded with the Gold Medal and honorary certificate of the winner of the qualifying stage of the international competition Best Goods and Services GEMMA following the results of 2014 and became a finalist of this Project.

The modernization of ARK-003 cutting complex was performed

27.07.2016 28.07.2016 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Non autoclaved aerated concrete block line

24.06.2016 23.06.2016 Crimea, Simferopol. Polystyrene concrete block plant

10.05.2016 07.05.2016 Cambodia. Foam Concrete Automated Line

In May 2016, in Cambodia, specialists of our company commissioned a line for production of foam concrete using sand as anaggregate.

The capacity of the line is 40 cu. m per shift. The line includes a section for preparing and supplying of raw materials, a mixing section with a dosing complex, a section for forming massifs, and a sawing section.

The automated cutting complex ARK-005 is used in the sawing section. Specialists of our company have performed adjustment of the equipment, commissioning in a test mode, selection of foam concrete compositions and testing of process modes of manufacturing products taking into account the climatic temperature characteristics of production site location. Furthermore, Customer's personnel have passed training on work with the equipment.

To date, the company produces foam concrete blocks of D-600 grade for the rapidly developing construction market in Cambodia.

29.04.2016 29.04.2016 Voronezh. Aerated concrete block line

The NANO BLOCK Company offers aerated concrete blocks manufactured usingthe non-autoclave technology with the addition of two-component nanoinitiators that improve the structure of concrete. Its advantage is immunity to alkalis and acids.

Due to the dense light homogeneous structure, nano-structured aerated concrete blocks do not require waterproofing, and high strength of the material allows reducingpacking volumes by approximately 30%.

Since finished structures of the proposed products have less weight than structures of ordinary concrete, they do not require strong foundation, and this will reduce the cost of construction and labor. 

18.06.2015 18.06.2015 Kazakhstan, Kokshetau. AAC blocks plant 40m3

From 16 June to 18 June 2015, in the city of Kokshetau (Republic of Kazakhstan), Kokshetau Zholdary LLP launched a production line of aerated blocks with a capacity of 40 cu. m per shift at their production site. Introduction of this line allowed the Kazakh Company to create a new direction and strengthen its positions in the construction market.
The main activities of this company are road, industrial, and civil construction.

The technological cycle of the line is designed for usage of local raw materials (cement, sand) as the main components. The air-entraining agent is imported from Russia, since it is not produced in Kazakhstan.

This agent is a modern development which includes a complex of chemical components, and allows obtaining aerated blocks corresponding to GOST of Russia and Kazakhstan.

The company’s own well-equipped laboratory allowed immediate assessment of local raw material quality and choose appropriate requirements. In the course of work, Siberian Constructing Technologies specialists selected the optimal compositions for different grades by the average density of aerated concrete and worked out modes of product manufacturing. Cutting technology used in the line with the use of the ARK-003 automated cutting complex allows obtaining blocks of any size that meet the GOST standards.

20.08.2014 20.08.2014. Voronezh. Plant of foamed concrete and polystyrene concrete blocks. 40 m3/shift - 80m3/day

20.12.2016 Lebanon, Beirut. Production of foam concrete

In December 2016, in Beirut, Lebanon, SMART BLOCK S.A.R.L. put into operation a production line for foam concrete blocks at their production site. The line throughput is equal to 80 cu. M per shift. The equipment and technology were provided by Siberian Constructing Technologies, Russian company.

The company bills themselves as the manufacturer of high-quality Cellular Light Concrete (CLC)  using the most cutting edge technologies and materials. The company´s mission is to provide the market with construction blocks, link beams, and thermal insulation products, which are manufactured under the highest international standards. The company strives to deploy, develop, and foster Smart Block technology using cellular concretes in Middle East, as the potential of the construction market in Middle East is quite high.

29.04.2015 Novosibirsk. Manufactory for foam concrete ARK-005

11.06.2013. Alma-Ata. Automated line of foam concrete blocks. 40m3/shift

04.08.2012. Beloyarsky. Automated line of foamed concrete production. 40m3/shift

06.07.2017 Novosibirsk. Production of aerated concrete blocks

Features of production of aerated concrete in NovStroy company 

Production of aerated concrete is carried out using the state-of-the-art equipment created by the Siberian Constructing Technologies Company. Time-tested technologies are combined with the latest developments in the field of process automation. The result is fast, accurate and high-quality work.

The technology of production has been thoroughly studied by specialists. However, at the same time NovStroy does not stop in development and is actively working to improve quality of the product. As well as cooperates with other manufacturers, independent technologists, and organizations engaged in innovative developments in the field of aerated concrete production.
Non-autoclaved aerated concrete produced in strict accordance with the technology is a worthy competitor to the autoclave one.

Only the best local materials are used within the production process of NovStroy company. This allows to:
  • be independent on external economic factors;
  • be sure of the excellent result of its work; and
  • ensureits customers an affordable price for the product.

27.07.2015 Ryazan. Polystyrene concrete automated line 30 m3/shift

stblok Company offers construction materials produced based on polystyreneconcrete: blocks, slabs, and lintels of various levels of strength.

Production section of the company is equipped with all the necessary high-tech equipment manufactured by the Siberian Constructing Technologies Company, which allows ensuring high conformity of products to regulatory requirements and acceptable cost of finished products.

22.04.2015 Kazakhstan, Uralsk. Re-equipment of non autoclaved aerated concrete plant

In May 2015, Siberian Constructing Technologies modernized the production of NANOBLOK LLP. ARK-004 cutting complex was installed. Works on installation supervision and commissioning were carried out in the shortest possible term. The customer's desires to improve the technology and improve quality of the aerated blocks were completely satisfied.

NANOBLOCK LLP is one of the few manufacturers of aerated concrete blocks in the West Kazakhstan region.
The enterprise operates in the construction industry sector. The chief technologist of NANOBLOK LLP noted the main advantages of this artificial porous rock. Aerated concrete meets all requirements of regulatory documents required for construction materials: strength, frost resistance, and high thermal insulation properties.

Production of aerated concrete blocks is carried out by the method of non-autoclaved hardening. As a result, the material becomes ecologically clean, durable, and fireproof. It is also characterized by dimension accuracy, good sound insulation, frost resistance, economy, and speed of laying.

Another undoubted advantage of blocks is the 100% content of Kazakhstani raw materials, as the chief technologist of the company stressed. To demonstrate the strength of blocks, they were thrown down from the height of 2 meters with acceleration; none of the blocks broke.

Technical characteristics of blocks aroused great interest of construction companies. Simple calculations showed that aerated concrete blocks win in comparison with similar building materials produced in neighboring Russia, whereupon, saving transport costs and free delivery of blocks around the city make this product more competitive. In addition, potential customers of blocks were informed that manufactured products "Aerated concrete blocks" were certified in accordance with requirements of the technical regulations Requirements for safety of reinforced concrete and concrete structures.

07.07.2014. Brazil. Universal line of foamed concrete and polystyrene concrete. 50m3/shift

20.04.2015 Angarsk. AAC blocks plant

In April 2015, a production line for aerated concrete was put into operation.
The line is manufactured by Siberian Constructing Technologies. At the request of a customer, low-quality equipment, previously purchased from a supplier in Barnaul, was completely replaced.

Angarsk Aerated Concrete Company was founded in 2001 and today it is a stably working production complex located in the city of Angarsk for production of non-autoclaved aerated concrete and sand blocks.

The production line is located on the area of more than 1,200 square meters. Engineering solutions applied in the production line guarantee production of building blocks of stable quality corresponding to the GOST standards. This is a fully automated line where each component is fed into production and, what is the most importantly, dosed under control of automation using accurate strain-gauge-type, volumetric, and optical sensors.

Capacity of the line is more than 30 cubic meters of aerated concrete per shift.
For all the time of work, hundreds of families and private developers have become customers of the Angarsk aerated concrete, more than 500 objects have been built from the produced aerated concrete - such as housing, car repair shops, garages, farm buildings, etc.

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