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Construction of Aerated Concrete Buildings

Aerated concrete blocks are one of the most popular wall materials for low-rise buildings, as well as outer walls, and partitions in frame buildings. High market demand for aerated concrete can be attributed to its affordability and unique technical specifications.

The key benefits of this material are as follows:

  • Reliability, robustness, and durability;
  • Its light weight;
  • Simplicity of handling and mounting;
  • Excellent thermal insulation qualities;
  • Neutral reaction to negative impact of the environment; and
  • non-flammability.

All these make aerated concrete production and blocks made of it a very lucrative business which is able to ensure a persistently high revenue for an entrepreneur or a company.

Aerated Concrete Components

In order to make an aerated concrete mixture, you will need:

  • Portland cement with the grade at least M400;
  • Quick lime;
  • Ground gypsum;
  • Silica sand of fine and medium fraction;
  • Aluminium powder; and
  • Water.

Besides that, it is recommended to use a plasticizing agent which would reduce the probability of product cracking while drying and hardening.

While manufacturing aerated concrete blocks, you can replace sand with fly ash, ground slag and other industrial secondary waste.Apart from cement, lime, ash slag, gypsum or their mixtures can be used as a binder.The aerated concrete manufacturing method provides for using the core components in the ratios as follows:

  • Cement – 50-60%;
  • Sand  – 20-40%;
  • Lime up to 10%; and
  • Water -  1.5% maximum.

By increasing cement quantity you get a more dense, heavier material and a reduced thermal conductivity coefficient.Bringing down the volume of a binder negatively affects the strength properties of finished products.

Equipment for Manufacturing Aerated Concrete

A mini-plant for manufacturing aerated concrete allows to automate the process, gear up production and greatly improve profitability. We can sell you the full set of block production line, which includes the following equipment for manufacturing aerated concrete blocks:

  • Vibrating screen for sorting sand and a mill;
  • Belt conveyors;
  • Screw conveyors;
  • Mixer for components;
  • Moulds and cutting equipment;
  • Aeration system and batchers; and
  • Silos for storing and batching bulk materials.

The professionals of Siberian Constructing Technologies will provide the complete set of equipment for aerated concrete production depending on the required production parameters. 

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