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Construction Stages for Aerated Concrete Houses

Aerated concrete blocks are one of the most well-known wall materials in modern construction. High demand for aerated concrete can be easily explained by such material qualities as:

  • Light weight of civil structures;
  • Quite high strength;
  • Low conductivity coefficient;
  • Ecological cleanness;
  • Sound-proofing properties;
  • Non-combustibility;
  • Simplicity of handling and laying; and
  • Affordability for most developers.

Aerated concrete blocks are used for building private houses, walls and partitions in frame-type buildings, low-rise non-residential and household buildings. 

Buildings Made of Aerated Concrete Blocks

Light walls made of aerated concrete blocks enable you to do without a robust foundation supported by dense ground layers below the straight freezing point. A precast or assembled concrete structure with the height of 500 to 700 mm will significantly reduce the construction costs. A residential building is erected in the following consecutive stages:

  • Clearing and planning the ground;
  • Arranging an understructure;
  • Waterproofing the foundation;
  • Mounting the base slabs;
  • Erecting walls and partitions of the first floor;
  • Mounting the ceiling of the first floor;
  • Laying the walls of the second floor;
  • Casting the reinforced concrete belt and mounting ceiling slabs; and
  • Arranging the roofing.

Along the construction of the building, the works related to connection to utilities, sewage caisson arrangement, and preliminary site improvements.

A residential building with the area of up to 200 sq. m (provided all the required materials are available) can be erected within one month. 2 weeks of which will be devoted to building a cast understructure. In order to carry out the work, you will need a team of 5 qualified workers.

Business opportunities

Fast erection of aerated concrete buildings, affordability of wall materials and low labour inputs can make the production of aerated concrete blocks to be a lucrative business giving a stable profit. You just need contact Siberian Constructing Technologies Company and order a selection and delivery of mini-plant for aerated concrete block production.

High level of automation allows for a full production cycle with a team of 3 people only. The consumables you´ll need:

  • PC-400 or PC-500 cement;
  • Washed sand which can be replaced with ash or ground slag;
  • Fibre as a reinforcing additive;
  • Modifying plasticizer;
  • Aluminum powder as a gas-generating agent; and
  • Water.

A mini-plant manufacturing aerated concrete blocks is allowed to be located in the open air, under sheds or a better solution is in a workshop of 500n sq. m.

Our employees will help you choose the best set of equipment which will suit your conditions in the best way. For that, you just need to contact a company’s representative in any way that suits you.