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Inexpensive Equipment for concrete Block Production

Siberian Construction Technologies takes orders for designing and supplying automated plants for aeratedEPS concrete block production and foam concrete block production. We can also ship ready-made concrete mixtures with specialised transport to be delivered to a construction site.

Constant high demand for light-weight concrete blocks displayed by private developers and construction companies can make such a production to be a profitable business. But it’s recommended to buy a set of equipment from the manufacturer, without bringing in any agents to design and supply a set. So, you can buy a mini-plant for light-weight concrete production at minimum cost and greatly reduce its payback period.

Benefits of the Production Lines by Siberian Constructing Technologies

The key principle of Siberian Constructing Technologies’ activities is custom solutions to manufacturing equipment for each client. For this reason, we resolve the following issues when designing a production line:

  • Automated control of workflow;
  • Stable process of batching raw materials;
  • Ensuring required performance;
  • Quality control for output products; and
  • Warehousing of finished products.

A plant producing light-weight concrete blocks can be operated by 4 or 5 people only. That would ensure decent wages and stable development of your business. The number one benefit is in affordable prices while the output products demonstrate superb quality.

Conditions for fullfilling your order

The SCT experts define the set of equipment for the project which depends on the required production throughput of the production line and design the equipment layout diagram for the production site. We start manufacturing the equipment for you after receiving 70% advanced payment of the agreed value and it’ll take us no longer than a month.

The production line is mounted by the client according to the project designed by the equipment manufacturer and in line with the detailed manual on mounting procedures. Upon the installation work completion, employees of Siberian Construction Technologies will ensure:

  • Pre-commissioning activities;
  • Personnel training;
  • Selecting the best concrete mixture composition based on the local conditions; and
  • Fine-tuning the production technologies for concrete products at minimum cost.

The manufacture provides 12-month warranty for all the equipment, accessories and tools supplied. Packing lists showing the equipment price are an integral part of the contract.

More detailed information, prices and placing an order are available via phone or at a personal meeting with a representative of SCT Company.