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A key ingredient in arranging or revamping production facilities is the right selection of equipment and the equipment supplier. Choosing an equipment supplier is a serious matter, as the right decision will define successful development of your business in future. In today’s market climate, the paramount importance is given not only to the equipment quality but to evaluation criteria for the company supplying the equipment and doing maintenance during equipment operation.

Let’s consider the key things a buyer should pay attention to when choosing equipment and its supplier. Quite often, a buyer is attracted by a low price, while evaluation of manufacturer’s trustworthiness and reliability is put on the backest of back burners. In this case, the equipment owner comes across various issues during operation which rules out successful production process. Efficient and reliable equipment should not have a low price. It is also important to objectively assess the equipment capacity declared by its manufacturer.

A buyer is unable to get an idea of actual equipment capabilities by simply watching beautiful pictures on the website, without seeing it in action. As well as photos are not conclusive if we speak about shipping equipment to clients. Such advertisement does not provide any information about equipment reliability, throughput and quality of products manufactured.  Meaningful and comprehensive information that can help you choose can be obtained only from clients’ testimonials given after a long period of operation.

An excellent opportunity to get acquainted with our company and the quality of our equipment is to study the testimonials of the companies that have been operating the equipment for several years. Such testimonials can help you to make a more objective understanding about equipment and manufacturer reliability. So, if a manufacturer is confident in themselves and their product, they can freely provide the contact details of their clients, as well as provide any potential clients with an opportunity to visit running production facilities.

When visiting running production facilities, you can not only see the equipment in action, but also evaluate the quality of products manufactured which is ensured through automated workflow. The lines supplied by our company have the processes of raw material and chemical additive feeding and weight batching fully automated. Thus, the so-called human factor is ruled out. Application of cutting technology with ERK Cutting Machine will ensure perfect geometry of your blocks. One operator is needed to run an automated cutting machine. Thanks to highly automated production lines, labour and final product cost price are greatly cut down.

Our Company’s website in Our Clients presents testimonials and evaluation of the producers who have been operating our equipment for at least 3 to 5 years. Many of our clients enlarge their production capacities after several years of operation and achieve a new level of manufacturing.

When developing new solutions for increasing a lifespan of our equipment and streamlining its operation, we provide our clients, who have bought our equipment, with a free-of-charge opportunity to revamp theirs.

It is the level of after-sale service, which is of importance, when it is backed up with minimum spare part delivery terms and later post-warranty maintenance.

Our Company takes interest in your company’s long life and operation. We are striving for high quality of your product and its correspondence to up-to-date standards.