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АRК-003 Automated cutting complex

Installed capacity, kW 13
Weight, kg 950
Billet Dimensions, mm 2396 * 607 * 598
Carriage dimensions, mm 1950 * 1900 * 1400
Guides dimensions, mm 4800 * 1300
Supply-line voltage, V 380

Complex for cutting foam concrete in the manufacture of foam conctere products.

Developed by our company ARK-003 Automated cutting set is multi-functional because it can saw different porous and light types of concrete (foam concrete, gas concrete, and polystyrene concrete). Result of sawing, i.e. blocks dimensions and surface quality meet severe requirements of standards (1st category acc. to GOST 21520-89).  Band saws saw mass in vertical and horizontal planes. During sawing in vertical or horizontal planes you do not have to move or position mass. In the process of sawing cycle a mass is located on the mold basement which is rigidly fixed on railway track with a special clamp. As far as you do not have to move or position mass, its integrity is not effected a lot. Also you can saw a mass at any stage of strength development. The cutting set is controlled by one operator from the control panel. Time needed to saw a mass of volume 0,85 m3 depends on required blocks sizes and is in the range of 6-9 min. The machine capacity per one 8hrs shift is up to 60 m3. Life time of band saws if sawing gas concrete, foamed concrete or polystyrene concrete is 600-1500 m3  (according to our company statistics) and depends on used aggregates and material density. Considering price for band saws from the leading manufacturers (USA, Germany) sawing of gas concrete, foam concrete or polystyrene concrete will cost from 10 to 20 rubles for 1 m3.

The cutting set is easy to embed in any existing lines of other manufacturers. There are technical solutions which allow sawing mass of sizes 2400х600х300 mm obtained on the other manufacturers’ molds. Using the ARK-003 Automated cutting set you get high quality blocks and also do not depend on time of mass setting strength because you can saw it at any stage of strength development. Sawing technology using band saws provides production of blocks of any sizes within the accuracy + 1 mm and surface quality which answers standards. ARK-003 cutting set allows reducing quantity of defects (thanks to sawing accuracy), eliminating numerous manual operations, increasing labor efficiency and cut personnel (1 operator maintains the set).


Concerning different options of equipment for sawing porous concrete with bars, chains and circular saws it is necessary to take into account: - mass can be cut with bars only if material has definite yield and low density. If mass was “overdeveloped” you will not be able to saw it with a bar. If during sawing process bar interferes with some firming (large sand grains or cement fisheyes) it side-tracks. Also when sawing a yielding mass with a bar cut-off pieces are not taken away from cuts but remain on block walls and as a result, quality lowers. Blocks often stick together in sawn mass or after they are laid on pallets. If using bars a mass is not completely cut at the bottom. 


- when sawing mass with chain saws cost value of ready blocks increases significantly. According to data from manufacturers set of chain saws costs 10000 rubles. Those saws life time is about 50 m3. Sawing 1m3 costs 200 rubles. Besides, for mass feed additional clamps, telpher or overhead crane are required. Sawing is performed only in one plane. -when sawing porous concrete with circular saws additional clamps, telpher or overhead crane are required also. Moreover, mass sizes are limited with saw diameter and as a result curing goes slower. Molds must have perfect shape because mass is sawn in one plane only (vertically), and ready block has only two sawn edges, and geometry of other ages depends on molds quality.

How it works

The base of the mould with a block ready for cutting is delivered to the foam concrete cutting complex working zone. Then the base should be fixed. First the vertical head starts the work. In four passes the complex makes eight cuts, and thus divides the block into eight equal parts, and also ends the block on both sides.

After vertical cutting, the the horizontal head starts its work and divides the block into products of required dimensions.