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Chemical admixtures batcher

Batcher of chemical admixtures is meant for weight measuring of powder chemical admixtures during production process and in quantity specified by operator.


Q-ty of dosed admixtures, pcs2
Working capacity of receive hoppers, l2x70
Working capacity of measuring hoppers, l2x6
Screw feeders drive power, kWt2 х 0,55 (380 В)
Total weight, max, kgг210
Price, rubl325 000


Structurally batcher of chemical admixtures consists of the following elements:

  1. Receive hopper.
  2. Screw feeder equipped with gear motor
  3. Measuring hopper equipped with weight measuring meter, air-driven valve and vibrator.
  4. El. control panel


Functioning: chemical admixture is loaded into the receive hopper.

Operator inputs weight value for chemical admixture on the control panel. Then the batcher switches into “dosing” mode, screw feeder starts, and admixture goes from the receive hopper to the batcher. Required quantity is measured by the weight measuring meter and then screw feeder turns off automatically, and the batcher switches into mode of discharge waiting.

Operator unloads the hopper opening air-driven valve and turning on vibrator. When necessary amount of chemical admixture is unloaded the valve closes and automatic dosing starts.