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Ageing bunkers

Weight, kg 360
Overall dimensions, mm 5000 * 3000 * 3000

Ageing bunker is a metal frame with an airproof bag fixed inside.  The ageing bunkers are meant for drying and pressure stabilization in EPS granules after foaming process, and also for intermediate storage of granules.  The ageing bunkers are connected between each other and with the technological sectors of the pneumatic conveying system.  Necessary number of the bunkers and their total volume depend on required production volume. Dimensional specifications and volume of the bunkers also can be different and depend on a production site characteristics and production volume.  For control of EPS granules level in the ageing bunker it is possible to install sensors or inspection window for visual control. 
Expended EPS granules lie in the ageing bunker for about 4 – 12 hours depending on indoor temperature, granules size, bulk density and residual moisture.  To reduce holding time of material in the bunkers it is recommended to place an ageing sector in the room with lower relative humidity.