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Pneumatic conveying system

Pneumatic conveying system is a system consisting of air pipe, radial ventilators of low pressure, and butterfly gates with manual or air-powered drive.  Control of the pneumatic conveying system is performed from a separate control box.  The pneumatic conveying system is meant for transportation of expended EPS granules of bulk density from 6 to 50 kg/m? by air flow between ageing bunkers and production sectors.  The air pipe of the system is made from galvanized steel and can have any configuration depending on production site sizes and shape.  The butterfly gates consist of cylindrical drum made of light steel, with two flanges at the ends for connection.  The turning vane is fixed on axels of the case.  Quantity and power of the fans depend on the air pipes dimension and productivity of the system.

The pneumatic conveying system is simple and safe. Construction of the system does not allow distortion of polystyrene granules during transportation.