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PND-500 Automatic Pre-Expander (EPS Machine)

Remote control
Charging hopper for raw materials

Pre-Expander is designed for expanding (foaming) of EPS granules (it is made of stainless steel).  Foaming is executed in two stages. The first stage of foaming process (bulk density is 13-16 kg/m3), then ageing for 5-12 hrs (depending on indoor temperature, moisture, transportation method, etc.). The second stage gives occasion to obtain the bulk weight of the EPS granules 8-10 kg/m3 depending on type of the used raw materials.

The machine is used at the facilities supplied with electricity and water for steam generator (or with a centralized steam supply system). The PND-500 is run at ambient temperature above 0°С (273°К) indoors or in the shed. The installation should be connected to a three-phase AC (50Hz frequency, 380V) with solid-earthed neutral conductor through a residual current device.