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RS-2000 Station

Installed capacity, kW 11
Staff required 1 person
Volume of mixing tank, l 2000
Capacity, m3/h 12
Voltage, V 380
Overall dimensions, mm 2100*1300*1530

RS-2000 Station is used for production of foam and polystyrene concrete of various densities. The unit is operated both in stationary conditions and on construction sites.
The station throughput is up to 12 cu. m per hour.

The station is made up of the following sub-assemblies:

  • Compounding vessel (volume of 2,000 l) is used for mixture preparation;
  • Mixing screw conveyor is used for mixing components;
  • Gear motor for mixing screw conveyor;
  • Manual shutter.

Buying RS-2000, you also get:

  • A highly reliable station;
  • Process procedure for foam and polystyrene concrete production;
  • Process procedure for foam and polystyrene concrete cast in situ;
  • Recommendations for product use;
  • GOSTs required for production;
  • 12-month after-sales service, advisory service of manufacturing technicians;
  • Manufacturing technician’s on-site visit for station adjustment, mixture proportioning, working out operating practices for item production and in-situ casting, or personnel training (optional).