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Concrete product manufacturing in the CIS countries

The Russian Federation has been enjoying light and cellular concrete product manufacturing and application in construction quite for a long time. Concrete like EPS concrete, aerated concrete and foam concrete. Changes in standard requirements to thermal efficiency of buildings and structures has resulted in the need of using cutting-edge construction materials. Nowadays, use of light and cellular concretes is an efficient and practically single-option solution, as these materials possess unique properties, such as: low thermal conductivity, relatively high strength at low weight, easiness to process, environmentally friendliness, long lifetime, and they don’t require extra insulation. Besides, the construction costs are significantly lower as compared to use of classical materials, e.g. bricks.

While a demand for up-to-date construction materials was growing, the technology and equipment for their manufacturing was improving. Siberian Construction Technologies Company, which has 20-year experience of designing and creating such equipment, as well as light and cellular concrete production technologies, has carried out supplies to 17 countries of Europe, Latin America, Middle and Far East, India, and the Pacific Region.

Among the CIS countries adjacent to Russia (and that is the major part of the Eurasian continent), manufacturing and application have been flourishing mostly in Kazakhstan. Our company has delivered over ten production lines for aerated concrete and EPS concrete to this country. After the Customs Union was created, the procedure for exporting goods was simplified as much as practical.

Since 2018, Uzbekistan, Kirgyzstan, and Armenia have been greatly interested in technology and equipment for aerated, EPS and foam concrete production. We hope that in due course, other CIS countries will join them. The potential of the construction market in these countries is huge, besides, Uzbekistan and Armenia governments have made decisions to come to grips with light and cellular concrete manufacturing in their countries for providing their construction industry with up-to-date materials corresponding to the worldclass standards. 

At the moment, Siberian Construction Technologies Company is launching deliveries of EPS and foam concrete production lines, as well as those for aerated concrete, to Kirgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The construction market in these countries is burgeoning, and a demand for light and cellular concretes is going hand in hand with this growth. Our core competitive edge is a hi-tech production site which enables us to ensure high quality standards, high level of automation, and development of new technologies based on local raw materials. Apart from supplying equipment, our company provides our clients with start-up and commissioning services, technology development and personnel training. We are ready to arrange delivery to any region.

If you are in the construction industry, or just going to launch your own production business of aerated, EPS or foam concrete, please consider our company’s offer attentively. Nowadays, buying a production line is a lucrative and high-potential investment project. It is thanks to a high demand for high quality construction materials. Arranging your own production of aerated, foam or EPS concrete blocks is cost-effective solution both for large construction companies, requiring huge volumes of construction materials, and for private persons, wishing to launch their own business.