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EPS concrete. Characteristics

EPS CONCRETE is a kind of light cellular concrete and is a highly efficient load-bearing structural insulation material which is comprised of Portland cement, aggregate, i.e., expanded polystyrene beads, water, air-trapping and plastifying agents. 

Thanks to its composition and ever-improving manufacturing technologies, such concrete possesses numerous merits and has a number of advantages over other types of cellular concrete:

  • Thermal insulation — it does not require any extra winterizing;
  • Waterproofness — it does not pick up moisture, so, it is not prone to be affected by microorganisms;
  • It is resistant to rotting;
  • Ensures good soundproofing;
  • High-quality bearing properties;
  • NG grade — non-combustible; 
  • Eco-friendly; 
  • Freeze-resistant;
  • Durable — designed to be operated over more than 200 cycles which is equal to 200 years, etc.

EPS concrete bricks:

  • Cost of one square meter of a wall is 1.5 to 1.7 times and 1.46 to 2.15 times lower (respectively);
  • Manpower effort when erecting a wall is 1.5 to 2.0 times lower;
  • Cost-effectiveness and comfort accompanied by perfect environmental safety;
  • Saving up to 70% of mortar (glue), thanks to large-size blocks it is easier to erect a wall, a 30-cm thick wall is equivalent in its thermal conductivity to 1.8-m wall;
  • Great workability of construction, blocks are easily cut (any geometrical form can be achieved, conduits for hidden wiring are easily arranged);
  • Lower cost of EPS concrete if compared to other materials;
  • Lower expenses on heating thanks to lower thermal conductivity;
  • Thanks to making external walls of EPS concrete, the overall building area is 3 to 7% bigger if compared to a building with the same building footprint;
  • Excellent sound insulation;
  • Great waterproofing properties, vapour permeability preserved;
  • It does not pick up moisture;
  • No breakage during transportation;
  • High frost-resistance;
  • Durability over 150 years;
  • Excellent nailing properties;
  • NG grade blocks are non-combustible, can be used in 1st grade fire-resistance construction.