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Polystyrene concrete production. Kuwait

In 2020, iStones Factory, a company from Kuwait, sought our help. The company had purchased a set of equipment for manufacturing EPS concrete blocks from one of Russian manufacturers. The company representatives told us that the blocks manufactured with the help of this equipment did not comply with the standards, as the blocks did not have precise geometric dimensions. The equipment they bought was not mass-produced, that is why iStones Factory could not have studied other users’ experience. That was also the reason why the manufacturer did not provide technical support and did not supply spare parts.

After conducting a technical audit, our company experts came up with the offer to supply ARK-004 Automated Cutting Machine which could replace the machine installed. In October 2020, the cutting machine was shipped to the client. The client’s professionals managed to put the machine in operation on their own with the help of the documentation provided. By this moment, iStones Factory has begun manufacturing EPS concrete blocks which comply with the standard.