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Profitable business is aerated concrete manufacturing

How hard is it to launch your own business? Will this business be profitable? Perhaps, these questions come to many people’s minds these days. Everything depends which business sphere you would choose and to what extent you would to become an expert in your own business. Among other needs that people living on our planet have, one of the core ones is need for accommodation. The exponential increase in the Earth population makes us say that construction of new houses is unconditional need nowadays and in the nearest future. In order to build new houses, we need a new construction material which should be inexpensive, available and environmentally clean. Such material is aerated concrete, which is well-known and popular kind of cellular concrete all over the world. This unique material combines all the qualities that we have mentioned before. Manufacturing aerated concrete bricks has good potential for big cities, as well as for small villages, because the need in construction and demand  for high-quality and inexpensive construction material are ubiquitous. The technology for manufacturing aerated concrete is simple and affordable even for private manufacturers. 

Let’s see it in more details what this business idea of manufacturing aerated concrete is and stages of its implementation. Perhaps, you should start with selecting the appropriate production facilities. How big the facilities are depends on the planned production capacity. For example, you would need the facilities with the area of 300 sq.m for the line with the production capacity of 20 cu.m per shift (40 cu.m per 24 hours). The temperature of + 15 оС should be maintain in the facilities, there should be water supply system and power supply.

The equipment is selected taking into account the desired performance, automation level and the total area of the production facilities. Our company offers production lines with the production capacity ranging from 20 to 200 cu.m per shift, with varied level of automation and advanced cutting technologies. Get informed about the equipment offer, you can do it at our web-site clicking the following link.

Optimal and comfortable layout of the equipment in your facilities will be planned by our experts. When putting the line into operation, our team does pre-commissioning work and professional tailoring of recipes for various aerated concrete grades.

Cement, excipient (sand, fly ash), water, and gas-forming additive are used as the raw materials for manufacturing aerated concrete. These components are available in many regions.

You need personnel including foreman-technician and 4 to 5 operators to operate the line. The number of operators depends on the production capacity and the line automation level. During the pre-commissioning work (usually takes between 3 and 5 days), it is obligatory to train your personnel on how they operate the equipment. After commissioning the line, your team will be able to work independently and manufacture finished products.

The finished products can be sold all year round, as construction companies work all year round. Besides, in spring, summer and autumn, private developers evoke that feverish demand and the price of aerated concrete bricks is growing. High quality of your products will ensure continuous sales and development of your company. One year later, many of our clients made a decision to increase their company’s production capacities to satisfy the growing demand for their products.

As you see, arranging aerated concrete production does not require specific knowledge and skills.  If any technical questions or issues related to the production technology arise, our experts will be quick to assist you.

The appeal of aerated concrete production business is backed up with its high profitability. The higher production capacity of the line is, the shorter payback period for investment is. Sample calculations for payback are shown in the table below.


You can calculate profit and payback performance of your production on your own using the software available at our web-site at the link: http://www.sts54.ru/calc/, to do that you need to populate the values relating to your region.

As you see, manufacturing aerated concrete is profitable business and has great potential. When some questions arise, you can come up to our experts  for advisory.