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22.04.2015 Kazakhstan, Uralsk. Re-equipment of non autoclaved aerated concrete plant

In May 2015, Siberian Constructing Technologies modernized the production of NANOBLOK LLP. ARK-004 cutting complex was installed. Works on installation supervision and commissioning were carried out in the shortest possible term. The customer's desires to improve the technology and improve quality of the aerated blocks were completely satisfied.

NANOBLOCK LLP is one of the few manufacturers of aerated concrete blocks in the West Kazakhstan region.
The enterprise operates in the construction industry sector. The chief technologist of NANOBLOK LLP noted the main advantages of this artificial porous rock. Aerated concrete meets all requirements of regulatory documents required for construction materials: strength, frost resistance, and high thermal insulation properties.

Production of aerated concrete blocks is carried out by the method of non-autoclaved hardening. As a result, the material becomes ecologically clean, durable, and fireproof. It is also characterized by dimension accuracy, good sound insulation, frost resistance, economy, and speed of laying.

Another undoubted advantage of blocks is the 100% content of Kazakhstani raw materials, as the chief technologist of the company stressed. To demonstrate the strength of blocks, they were thrown down from the height of 2 meters with acceleration; none of the blocks broke.

Technical characteristics of blocks aroused great interest of construction companies. Simple calculations showed that aerated concrete blocks win in comparison with similar building materials produced in neighboring Russia, whereupon, saving transport costs and free delivery of blocks around the city make this product more competitive. In addition, potential customers of blocks were informed that manufactured products "Aerated concrete blocks" were certified in accordance with requirements of the technical regulations Requirements for safety of reinforced concrete and concrete structures.