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Aerated concrete production line. Novosibirsk, Russia

An aerated concrete block production line was commissioned at the site of Kamensky Wall Blocks LLC in Novosibirsk. 

The line throughput is 40 cu.m per shift. The line comprises of АRК-004 Automated Cutting Machine for cutting aerated concrete which enables the company to get bricks of precise geometry according to the first grade under GOST (state standard). 

The aerated concrete production technology envisages use of fly ash from a TPP as one of key components. This fly ash belongs to a brown coal type. This ash is a production residual of fuel and power industry in the Novosibirsk Region, which greatly contributes to a reduced cost price of aerated concrete without sacrificing material properties under the standard. 

When testing the technology, the cutting-edge complex additive POS-15 was used as a foaming agent. Kamensky Wall Blocks LLC is going to develop and automate their production facilities even further, so the Company’s top management has decided to equip the line with a chemical additive batcher and a machine used for stacking blocks onto pallets. Siemens Financial Services (Leasing Company) financed Kamensky Wall Blocks LLC to buy the production line.