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01.02.2015 Novosibirsk. Re-equipment of manufacture aerated concrete production

In the winter of 2015, the mixing section and dosing section for production of non-autoclaved aerated concrete were modernized. The equipment was produced by Siberian Constructing Technologies.

The equipment was completely replaced. Previously, the customer had been purchasing equipment in Barnaul, which did not allow producing high-quality aerated concrete.

The MIAL Factory chose “QUALITY ABOVE PRICES” as its motto, thus, tried to comply with this statement. Constant work is conducted to improve quality of the formulation for aerated concrete so that it is stronger and warmer.

Thus, since 2015, there is aerated concrete under GOST + with fiberglass in the plant line, addition of which increased strength of blocks by 25%. Continuous improvement of equipment, replacement with newer models produced by Siberian Constructing Technologies, allowed increasing the volume of manufactured products and improving quality of manufactured aerated blocks.
To date, the plant capacity has reached 20,000 cubic meters of aerated concrete per year. Moreover, linear dimensions, or the so-called geometry of blocks is fully comply with GOST.

The plant takes care of its customers, and that is why the construction of additional building materials, such as metal roofing and siding, and insulation, has been started. The plant supplies such materials to buyers of aerated concrete with significant discounts. Additionally, fine grade building materials, such as sand and gravel, can be ordered from the MIAL Factory.

The plant is constantly moving forward, and this movement is visible to everyone. Production teams of various TV channels regularly come to the production cite, and the experience of the plant is broadcast throughout the Novosibirsk region.