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14.02.2020 Polystyrene Concrete Factory. UAE, Dubai

In February 2020, Siberian Constructing Technologies put into operation a production line for EPS concrete blocks and panels with the throughput of 100 cu.m per day. The client is Smart Insulation Finishing System, company located in Umm Al-Quawain, the United Arab Emirates.  The Company has been present in the Middle East market for quite a long time and is engaged in manufacturing the insulation materials used for energy saving in HVAC. As reported by the Company, the worldwide demand for energy is expected to rise by 41% in the period between 2012 and 2035, that is why one of the crucial objectives nowadays is to manage and “Satisfy the growing demand for safe and affordable energy, while solving the issue of climate change and other ecological and social problems” related to the population growth and economic growth acceleration. Improvement of energy efficiency in the artificial environment could help reach that goal as buildings enjoy 40% of global energy consumption and 36% of the total carbon emissions related to energy. At the moment, in Middle East, 70% of energy peak load goes to cooling buildings. Such great value is owing to loss of energy through building walls and it is paramount to take appropriate measures to cut down such loss.

The Company’s choice of EPS concrete is obvious, as it possesses a number of unique properties, it is able to ensure the required level of thermal insulation for buildings both as a construction material for new buildings and as an efficient insulation material for the existing buildings and structures.

The production line is equipped with state-of-the-art machines including the automated units for mold stripping and stacking blocks on pallets. Also, the production lines boast automated processes of raw materials feeding and batching, as well as cutting massifs into blocks and panels of desired dimensions. That helps avoid manual labour at any production stage. Locally produced cement, EPS supplied from Saudi Arabia and a Russian chemical additive are used as raw materials.