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20.11.2020 "Polyhouse" from polystyrene concrete. Moscow

In November 2019, Aquilon Company representatives (Moscow Region) approached us. The Company was hard-set, as they had bought a set of equipment for manufacturing EPS concrete blocks from one of well-known Russian companies, and upon commissioning the equipment, it became apparent that it is impossible to manufacture high-quality products with this equipment. Practically, all the equipment turned out good-for-nothing - the EPS expander is not meant for even second expanding, while the design of the cutting machine did not allow for the block geometry prescribed by the standard. By default, the company supplying this equipment does not consider technical support of a client as their obligation. They also refused to give a refund, alluding to the financial difficulties in the company.

Any person can find themselves in such a situation, and in order to help them, our company held a technical audit for the equipment installed, came up with the recommendations on how to resolve the issues. The EPS expanding section had to be completely replaced. Our specialists did process operations to work out EPS concrete composition. After that, it became possible to expand EPS taking into account the required properties and produce EPS concrete. Also, our company’s specialists recommended paying attention to the panel, but not block production. Taking into account the fact that the market of EPS concrete large-panel house construction is hardly competitive, this idea turned out fruitful. The representatives of Aquilon Company approached an architecture design studio where they got some designs of EPS concrete panel houses developed. The design project envisages that the panels will be delivered to the construction site, and a house will be erected within several days. A house erected stands out thanks to the cutting-edge architectural solutions and a very competitive price.

At the moment, Aquilon is developing dynamically, planning to expand product range, and it feels optimistic about the future.