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25.05.2022 South Africa, Johannesburg. Polystyrene concrete production line

In April 2021, our Company was approached by people from Eco Envirolite Concrete, Johannesburg (South Africa). For years, the company has been manufacturing EPS concrete blocks and carrying out numerous construction projects with the use of their own-produced materials. When manufacturing EPS concrete, Eco Envirolite Concrete has been using recycled material, i.e. crushed styrofoam. That is done to promote eco-friendly solutions for the country, as such an approach allows to change the game with the EPS waste polluting the environment.

“We can rework such waste into energy-efficient structures, so it makes Eco Envirolite the most eco-friendly construction solution in the South African market”, the company is stating at its webpage.

While expanding its presence in the construction market of the African continent, the company is striving to manufacture high-quality EPS concrete products. That is why Eco Envirolite approached our Company to replace their equipment in operation with a cutting-edge hi-tech production line.

In summer 2021, our Company shipped the equipment to South Africa. At the moment, Eco Envirolite Concrete is thriving and going to launch extra production facilities in other countries of the African continent.