Services provided for establishment of foamed concrete and cast-in-citu concrete units production.

1. Development of technological projects for manufactory’s operating areas

- technological calculation of foamed concrete production line

- designing operating mode and production program

- designing section for acceptance and storage of raw materials

- designing mixing section

- specification of technology of foamed concrete production

- development of technological control of foamed concrete production

- development of main safety requirementsfor equipment

- calculation of main technical and economical indices of enterprise

- selection and specification of equipment

- design equipment placing on customer’s sites  

2. Visit of our technologistn (engineer) for selection of mixture composition and technological regime of foamed concrete production from customer's raw materials, personnel training (by convention)  

3. Development of production certification

4. Development of technological schedule of foamed concrete non-autoclave units production

5. Conducting research of main parameters of foamed concrete (average density, strength, heat-conductivity), preparation of the test record, certificated by special authorities from Tomsk certification center.

7. Assistance in certification of the output.

8. Design placing of equipment with its (equipment) certification at customer’s sites.

All services listed above are provided by Candidate of Engineering Science Dmytrii A. Kiselev, Senior production manager of “SCT”, assistant of constructing materials department of Tomsk State Architecture and Construction University.