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Production of EPS Concrete Blocks

EPS concrete is an innovative light-weight compound material used in construction of walls and partitions, as effective heat and sound insulation, as well as for floor cement screed, basement and attic flooring. 

The list of key ingredients for EPS concrete mixture are:

  • Portland cement;
  • Porous polystyrene granules;
  • Air-retaining additive, made of processed wood resin; and
  • Water.

EPS concrete blocks can be used as a self-sufficient construction and wall material which does not require any extra heat insulation. Light weight of civil structures let make the padding structure lighter and greatly reduce the construction costs.

Thanks to that, year by year, the material is gaining more and more traction among private developers and construction companies.


Equipment for Manufacturing EPS Concrete

The essential property of these light-weight construction blocks is the simple production technology which enables you to have a profitable business in the construction material market.

With the equipment for manufacturing EPS concrete from Siberian Constructing Technologies, you will be able to arrange block manufacturing and ensure persistently high profits for the company.

The automated  EPS production line can include:

  • Equipment sets for manual loading of components;
  • Screw conveyors;
  • Pneumatic conveying system;
  • Mixers, silos, mills;
  • Batchers;
  • Moulds for mixture;
  • Aeration system;
  • Cutting equipment;
  • EPS granule drier;
  • Foam- and steam generator;
  • EPS expansion machine; 
  • and specialized pumps.


The precise scope of supply can be selected by manufacturer’s experts depending on the desired production volumes.

The designed technologies and equipment enable you to arrange production of cutting-edge construction materials corresponding to GOST requirements. The products manufactured by our numerous clients are certified.


Supply terms and conditions for EPS concrete production equipment

The EPS Concrete Production Equipment is supplied to all the regions of Russia and abroad by the manufacturer. The comprehensive set of services includes provision of cutting-edge production technologies, optional supervised installation, and assistance in pre-commissioning. The quality of equipment is guaranteed to be high and that is confirmed with certificates.

The equipment is supplied with 12-month warranty. The scope of supply for each equipment unit is given in the contract, its technical data sheet, and a bilateral certificate of transfer.

The equipment layout for the client’s production site is designed by Siberian Constructing Technologies team. The equipment is mounted by and at the expense of the client, according to the equipment layout. The client is provided with a layout (drawings) with reference to the site and a detailed illustrated installation manual.