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07.06.2023 Turkey. Production of aerated concrete blocks

PANA ELEMENTE (Manisa, Türkiye) was established in 2016 and is a company that specializes in manufacturing aerated concrete blocks. Taking into account the fact that construction materials in Türkiye should comply with European standards, while the Company’s products did not satisfy those requirements, PANA ELEMENTE approached our company to buy the cutting-edge equipment and to get a production technology using local raw materials developed. 

After an automated line for aerated concrete production was delivered and assembled, our company’s technicians perfected the technology for manufacturing aerated concrete blocks with the density of 350 kg per cu.m using microcalcite as an aggregate. By now, PANA ELEMENTE’s products have gained consumers’ credence and now in widespread use in construction of residential and administrative buildings.

You can check out PANA ELEMENTE’s products at the Company’s website