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12.12.2022 Kazakhstan, Semey. Production line for blocks, panels and slabs made of polystyrene concrete
15.07.2022 Kazakhstan. Polystyrene concrete plant
25.05.2022 South Africa, Johannesburg. Polystyrene concrete production line
04.11.2021 Ukraine, Kiev. Polystyrene concrete plant
20.07.2021 Israel. EPS Concrete Plant
20.11.2020 "Polyhouse" from polystyrene concrete. Moscow
18.10.2020 EPS Concrete Plant. Makhachkala
19.08.2020 Polystyrene concrete plant. Russia, Yakutsk
18.05.2020 Production of polystyrene concrete. AVS Concreto leve, Brazil
14.02.2020 Polystyrene Concrete Factory. UAE, Dubai
15.04.2019 Kazakhstan, Pavlodar. Polystyrene concrete plant
31.01.2019 Vietnam. Polystyrene concrete production line
07.09.2018 Kazakhstan, Pavlodar. Polystyrene concrete production line
06.08.2018 Suleymaniya, Iraq. Automated lines for the production of polystyrene concrete products
27.03.2018 Independent trials for EPS concrete in the Technological University Vale dos Sinos, Brasil
07.03.2018 Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. Polystyrene concrete plant
29.06.2017. Republic of Tyva, Kyzyl. Polystyrene Concrete Block Factory
10.04.2017. Vladivostok. Modernization of the Polystyrene Concrete Factory
23.06.2016 Crimea, Simferopol. Polystyrene concrete block plant
27.07.2015 Ryazan. Polystyrene concrete automated line 30 m3/shift
20.08.2014. Voronezh. Plant of foamed concrete and polystyrene concrete blocks. 40 m3/shift - 80m3/day
07.07.2014. Brazil. Universal line of foamed concrete and polystyrene concrete. 50m3/shift
20.04.2014. Kursk. Automated line for polystyrene concrete. 40 m3/shift
10.04.2014. Ulan-Ude. Automated line for polystyrene concrete. 40m3/shift
03.03.2014. Pyatigorsk. Universal line oа foame concrete and polystyrene concrete. 35m3/shift
23.02.2014. Vladivostok. Automated line for polystyrene concrete. 40m3/shift
17.12.2013. Krasnoyarsk. Automated line for polystyrene concrete. 30m3/shift
06.12.2013. Blagoveshchensk. Line for production of polystyrene concrete. 100m3/shift
28.07.2013. Ekaterinburg. Modernization and expansion of polystyrene concrete manufacture. 320m3/shift
19.12.2012. Murmansk. Universal line. 25m3/shift