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Information about Siberian Constructing Technologies company

Siberian Constructing Technologies is a well-known Russian company, founded in 2000. The company designs technologies and makes certified equipment for production of modern constructing materials both for small-scale and middle-scale business.

Our mission is to implicate resource-saving technologies of production of constructing materials. Resource-saving technologies are based on the usage of secondary raw materials including industrial wastes which chemical and mineral composition is the same or even better than the composition of traditionally used materials. Implementation of resource-saving technologies allows to decrease cost price. Testing of technologies is conducted by our company's specialists at the laboratory, following by implementation of technologies at our automated mill/factory for production of units from non-autoclave foamed concrete, as well as from polystyrene concrete.

Our successful working experience is based on the systematic approach to a customer. Few steps are taken to fulfill the customer's needs. Firstly we ask the customer to fill out the questionnaire for evaluation of the raw materials base and equipment of working space (with consideration to the supposed productivity or additional proposals). Then the commercial proposal for the production line is composed. For decision-making we suggest that the customer would visit the small enterprises and different capacity automated mills which have already used company's technologies and equipment. The customer gets printed and digital materials about production process, recommendations and answers to the questions. When the customer takes a positive decision various contracts (contract for development of technological project, vendor contract for equipment, contract for installation of equipment) are set up. Upon completion of the works by contracts, the line gets started, selection of mixture composition and technological regime of production are made. The samples are tested at the accredited Tomsk certification center.


Upon completion of the works the customer is provided with the following documentation:

  1. Individual business plan for organizing the production process;
  2. Registration certificates for purchased equipment;
  3. Technological schedule of units production (using local raw materials);
  4. Job descriptions for operators of mixing area and cutting machine;
  5. Journal of registration of job orientation;
  6. Safety instructions;
  7. Set of state standards;
  8. Sample of certificate for the produced units;
  9. Samples of labels for the produced units;
  10. Recommendations for the usage of the produced units;
  11. Research of main parameters of produced units;
  12. Quality certificate.


Equipment from the completed production line is under 12 months warranty. The production lines are certified (РОСС RU.ПТ17.Н00772).

Our company is open for a long-term constructive partnership. We guarantee the high quality of our products, services and an individual approach to each customer. We provide customs declaration support and organization of delivery to any region.

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