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25.07.2022 Aerated concrete blocks plant, Omsk
22.09.2021 Novomoskovsk, Russia. Non-autoclaved aerated concrete
01.12.2021 Russia, Tver. Aerated Concrete Plant
25.10.2021 Altai. Aerated concrete production
22.09.2021 Uruguay. Aerated concrete block plant
25.05.2021 Plant of Concrete Products in Irkutsk
Aerated concrete production line. Novosibirsk, Russia
20.03.2020 Aerated Concrete Factory. Kyrgyzstan, Jalal-Abad
05.06.2019 Aerated and polystyrene concrete plant. Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
14.01.2019 Aerated Concrete Plant in Turkey
16.10.2017 Crimea, Sevastopol. Re-equipment of manufacture
06.07.2017 Novosibirsk. Production of aerated concrete blocks
28.07.2016 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Non autoclaved aerated concrete block line
29.04.2016 Voronezh. Aerated concrete block line
18.06.2015 Kazakhstan, Kokshetau. AAC blocks plant 40m3
22.04.2015 Kazakhstan, Uralsk. Re-equipment of non autoclaved aerated concrete plant
20.04.2015 Angarsk. AAC blocks plant
20.03.2015 Irkutsk. Aerated concrete line ARK-004
01.02.2015 Novosibirsk. Re-equipment of manufacture aerated concrete production
19.01.2015 Perm. Re-equipment of manufacture aerated concrete production
17.07.2014 Angarsk. Re-equipment of aerated concrete production
07.06.2014. Irkutsk. Automated line aerated concrete. 30m3/shift (60m3/day)
01.06.2014.Kazakhstan, Astana. Automated line aerated concrete. 80m3/shift (160m3/day)
05.08.2013. Kazakhstan. Automated line aerated concrete. 25m3/shift
12.04.2013. Saint Petersburg. Automated line of aerated concrete blocks. 50m3/shift
27.02.2013. Omsk. Re-equipment of aerated concrete production. 50m3/shift
25.12.2012. Omsk. Automated line aerated concrete. Two years of operation
03.06.2011. Omsk. Re-equipment of aerated concrete production. 50m3/shift