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Automated Cutting Machine ARK-004

Installed capacity, kW 19.5
Weight, kg 2,000
Guides dimensions, mm 9,700*1,500
Voltage, V 380
Overall dimensions, mm 10,000*2,390*2,010

Our company’s professionals have designed the Automated Cutting Machine ARK-004 for aerated, foam or polystyrene concrete blocks and other materials. The machine throughput is up to 100 cu. m per shift. It is made up of two independent modules for vertical and horizontal cutting and equipped with PLCs, can be operated in the automatic or manual modes, and the changeover is fast. Cutting precision is ±1 mm.

The modules are installed and moved along rails during cutting. The block located at the mold base is moved along the rails, is held fixed in the clamps in the zone of vertical cutting. The operator starts a cycle and module from the control board, while moving cuts a block in the vertical plane, after which the block is fed into the operating area of the horizontal cutter, it is held fixed there with clamps and the block is cut horizontally. While the first block is cut horizontally, the next block is fed into the vertical cutter, so two blocks with the total volume of 1.7 cu. m are being cut at the same time. The cutting time for two blocks ranges from 6 to 9 min, depending on the dimensions of the blocks desired.

The machine can be easily integrate into any existing production lines and allows producing items with ideal geometrical form in accordance with state standard requirements. The machine provides the possibility to cut blocks of various dimensions, of both autoclaved and non-autoclaved curing.