RK-3 Cutting Set

Installed capacity, kW 2,2
Weight, kg 350
Billet Dimensions, mm 1198 * 598 * 295
Carriage dimensions, mm 2995 * 1325 * 1966

RK-3 Cutting Set is universal and it is meant for vertical sawing foamed concrete, polystyrene concrete or gas concrete into blocks of given sizes.  For molding and forming of a mass mould FM-0,92 m3 is used; mass size for sawing is 1300*300*600 mm, (or other sizes).  Blocks gotten after a mass sawing have fixed length and height, their thickness is set by an operator.  

Cutting technology make it possible to avoid the use of expensive battery molds and to achieve high accuracy of blocks’ sizes and quality of their surface.  Blocks can be sawed with the band-saws on almost any stage of hardening.

Use of the cutting set excludes a number of manual operations; increases labor capacity and reduce staff workers (to service the set only 2 person is needed). The cutting technology provides to manufacture products with geometric fidelity of ± 1 mm and product’s surface quality which meets necessary standards. This fact allows making settings using special types of glue and significantly increases thermal efficiency of exterior walls.

The cutting set consists of the outfeed table for a mass and vertical band saw which divides the mass into blocks of given sizes.

Operating principle:

A mass meant for sawing is put on the roll case with a special gripper using hoist or some other lifting mechanism. Then band saw actuator starts. The operator moves the band saw and saws off a block of a given size. After that the band saw returns to its initial position.   Ready blocks are stacked on the pallets.