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18.06.2015 Kazakhstan, Kokshetau. AAC blocks plant 40m3

From 16 June to 18 June 2015, in the city of Kokshetau (Republic of Kazakhstan), Kokshetau Zholdary LLP launched a production line of aerated blocks with a capacity of 40 cu. m per shift at their production site. Introduction of this line allowed the Kazakh Company to create a new direction and strengthen its positions in the construction market.
The main activities of this company are road, industrial, and civil construction.

The technological cycle of the line is designed for usage of local raw materials (cement, sand) as the main components. The air-entraining agent is imported from Russia, since it is not produced in Kazakhstan.

This agent is a modern development which includes a complex of chemical components, and allows obtaining aerated blocks corresponding to GOST of Russia and Kazakhstan.

The company’s own well-equipped laboratory allowed immediate assessment of local raw material quality and choose appropriate requirements. In the course of work, Siberian Constructing Technologies specialists selected the optimal compositions for different grades by the average density of aerated concrete and worked out modes of product manufacturing. Cutting technology used in the line with the use of the ARK-003 automated cutting complex allows obtaining blocks of any size that meet the GOST standards.