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14.01.2019 Aerated Concrete Plant in Turkey

In summer 2018, our company was visited by people from PANA ELEMENTE, Turkish company. This company was established 2 years ago in Manisa, Turkey, and its key line of business is aerated concrete block manufacturing.

First of all, the company bought the production equipment from a Turkish manufacturer, however, the manufacturer’s expertise in technology and automation of production workflow was far from perfect, which had an impact on the quality of aerated concrete blocks. After studying the offers of various equipment manufacturers, PANA ELEMENTE management decided to visit our company and see the existing facilities where aerated concrete is manufactured.

After visiting such production facilities in Novosibirsk and obtaining the relevant information from our experts, the Turkish company came to the decision to sign a contract for supplying them with the equipment they can use to refit the production facilities and to develop a technology using local raw materials. It is worth mentioning that this contract was financed by a Turkish state leasing company which implies a high level of trust our foreign partners have to Siberian Constructing Technologies brand.

The equipment was delivered promptly after signing the contract. The technology was worked out with the local raw materials, i.e. microcalcite, fly ash and sand, used as siliceous components. Application of comprehensive gas-entrapping additive proved to be optimal and enabled us to achieve the required aerated concrete properties according to the European standards and the requirements of the Turkish market. At the moment, PANA ELEMENTE is bullish about the prospects of coming to the fore of the construction material market in Turkey.