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19.01.2015 Perm. Re-equipment of manufacture aerated concrete production

In the winter of 2015, Siberian Constructing Technologies modernized aerated blocks production. The enterprise completely replaced the cutting complex produced in Barnaul, which did not meet the requirements of the customer and GOST.

At the Perm Aerated Concrete Plant, the ARK-003 cutting complex was installed and put into operation.
Aerated concrete blocks produced with the help of this complex have an ideal geometry, which completely satisfies customer's desires.


Accuracy of sawing and large format of aerated concrete blocks exclude any defects in the process of laying (unevenness, deviation from the vertical). Moreover, even with an unprofessional bricklayer, the masonry is perfectly smooth, and there is no need to coat and prime to prepare the walls for finishing, filling joints with a putty would be enough.
In addition, due to the ideal geometry of blocks, occurrence of cold bridges is eliminated.