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25.07.2022 Aerated concrete blocks plant, Omsk

In March 2022, our Company was approached by people from Building Structure Plant No.1, Omsk. This is the largest manufacturer of prefabricated reinforced concrete in the Omsk Region. The plant was established in 1953 and nowadays manufactures about 15,000 cu. m of varied reinforced concrete products. Besides that, the company is also engaged in building industrial and civil facilities.

The people from Building Structure Plant No. 1 got interested in the opportunity of manufacturing high-quality aerated concrete blocks at their facilities, as when buying such products in the market, the company was often dissatisfied with product quality, supply time frames and price.

By studying the client’s raw material portfolio, we found out that the company had already been using GGBS 450, active mineral additive (crushed granulated slag) when manufacturing reinforced concrete products.

Our company’s expert held a number of technological procedures which enabled the client to get high-quality aerated concrete with the help of this mineral additive acting as a carrier. The representatives of Building Structure Plant No. 1 also visited the running aerated concrete production line and evaluated the quality of the product manufactured. As soon as the client had a proof that there is an opportunity to manufacture high-quality material, the contract was signed for supply of an automated aerated concrete production line with the throughput of 100 cu.m per day.

In July 2022, the production line was put into operation, and at the moment Building Structure Plant No. 1 has an opportunity to vertically integrate the production of construction materials into the company’s line of activities, which, for sure, will provide a competitive edge in the construction market.