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20.03.2015 Irkutsk. Aerated concrete line ARK-004

Concrete Factory Company was founded in 2005. At present, it is the largest production and technologically advanced complex in the Eastern Siberia, which consists of a concrete plant, an aerated concrete plant, a polystyrene concrete plant, a foam concrete plant, a cement block plant (concrete wall KBS-stones), glue, curbs, and fence block production lines. The equipment was manufactured by Siberian Constructing Technologies.

The company has three ARK-004 cutting complexes, as well as mixers for aerated concrete, foam concrete, and polystyrene concrete.

Concrete Factory is:

1. Fully automated and computerized dosing and feeding sectors for all components (cement, sand, gravel, screening, pore water, polystyrene, and other additives).
2. High-tech turbulent mixers, which, due to pneumovibration and hydroactivation, are capable of producing the most high-strength cellular concrete (foam concrete and aerated concrete) with strength characteristics of 20% higher than foam concrete and aerated concrete produced by other plants.
3. Imported expensive additives that contribute to significant increase in frost resistance and grade strength of concrete, aerated concrete, polystyrene concrete, and foam concrete.
4. Micro-reinforcement with polypropylene fiber, due to which the characteristics such as compressive strength and bending strength, as well as the commercial appearance of the blocks, have been improved.