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10.04.2017. Vladivostok. Modernization of the Polystyrene Concrete Factory

NGO BIPLAST company was founded in 2012 and carries out activities in the field of production of polystyrene-concrete blocks of the latest generation.

The organization has its own production. The plant is located in Primorsky Krai, 8 km from Arsenyev (Novosysoevka village). The area of ​​the plant is 5 hectares, and the area of ​​production capacities is 2,500 sq.m. The number of employees working at the enterprise is 75. The main part of the technological equipment at the plant is made in Russia.

The production and control process is fully automated and computerized. All products have certificates of conformity. Produced polystyrene-concrete products undergo quality control and are stored on the company's own bases. Characteristics of the polystyrene-concrete blocks produced by the enterprise refer this building material to the energy-efficient category, which allows having competitive advantages over other building blocks on the market.

NPO BIPLASTLLC carefully approaches selection of partners and cooperates with suppliers of high quality raw materials for the production of polystyrene-concrete blocks only. The clients of the enterprise are mainly design organizations and construction companies.

Geography of the organization's activities covers the Far Eastern Federal District. The first stage of the plant with a capacity of 120 cu. m per day was launched in March 2014.

The enterprise is capable of producing 3,500 m3 of polystyreneconcrete products per month, and, if necessary, an increase of this volume to 5,000 m3 over the same time period id possible. The company has its own logistics department capable of providing delivery of products to a customer in any region of the Far East.

NPO BIPLASTLLC was introduced by the Administration of Primorsky Krai into the Catalog of Manufacturers of Building Materials Produced in Primorsky Krai to implement federal and regional programs on provisionof housing for the economy class of the region's population.

In 2014, NPO BIPLASTLLC took part in the XXII specialized CONSTRUCTIONexhibition. In addition, polystyreneconcrete blocks by NPO BIPLASTLLC were announced a winner in the contest Technical Solutions in Low-Height Construction.

The enterprise's products were awarded with the Gold Medal and honorary certificate of the winner of the qualifying stage of the international competition Best Goods and Services GEMMA following the results of 2014 and became a finalist of this Project.

The modernization of ARK-003 cutting complex was performed