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29.06.2017. Republic of Tyva, Kyzyl. Polystyrene Concrete Block Factory

From 29 June to 2 July 2017, in the Tes-Hesk District of the Republic of Tyva, a line for production of polystyrene-concrete blocks with a capacity of 30 cu. m per shift was commissioned.

The line includes a section for expanding polystyrene, a mixing section with a dosing complex, a section for forming massifs, and a sawing section. The sawing section is equipped with the ARK-003 automated cutting complex.

Specialists of our company performed works on adjusting the equipment and starting it up in the test mode. After that, works were carried out on selection of polystyreneconcrete composition, development of process modes of manufacturing products, and training Customer's personnel to work with equipment.

At the end of the works, the first batch of polystyreneconcrete of grade D-400 as per average density was produced. Nowadays, the enterprise produces certified polystyreneconcrete blocks and carries out construction of municipal facilities in the Republic of Tuva.