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19.08.2020 Polystyrene concrete plant. Russia, Yakutsk

On 19 August 2020, EPS concrete production line with the output of 40 cu. m per shift was put into operation by our company at the production facilities of AO Yakutskpromstroy, Yakutsk, Russia.

The production line is equipped with an automated raw material feeding and batching system. High-quality geometry of products is achieved with the help of Automated Cutting Machine ARK-004.

Earlier, Yakutskpromstroy used a classic construction technology with 3-layer building envelopes. Bearing in mind severe climatic conditions of this region, effective thermal insulation of building and structures has always been a top priority for construction professionals. In order to resolve such issues, the company has chosen the best option – own production facilities and use of EPS concrete.

The unique thermotechnical properties of the material enable us to erect 600mm-thick building envelopes without any additional thermal insulation, which reduces construction self-cost and enlarges service life of such buildings. Yakutskpromstroy Company is one of the largest developers in Yakutia and is going to bring construction in the region to an absolutely new level.