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20.07.2021 Israel. EPS Concrete Plant

Polybid Company was established in 1965 in Mishmar HaNegev kibbutz (Israel) as visualization of industrial community philosophy. Nowadays, it is a leading company manufacturing insulation materials in Israel. Over the course of years, the company has been undergoing changes and technological improvements which bring it to the forefront in mechanization technologies and know-how.

 Polybid is the leading company of Polybid Group. The other two in the Group are Mivneh Darom, which manufactures insulation panels for buildings, and Bid-Tec, which manufactures advanced construction products and owns two international benchmark brands in construction and infrastructure, i.e. Acotec and Polyesh. Polybid Company operates in four primary sectors, the leading one of which is construction, along with the food, industry and agriculture.

The Company’s goal is to gain the lead in terms of quality, so it has been certified with the Gold Standard of the Israel Standards Institute and holds all the relevant Standards Certificates in its field of business. Polybid’s Development and Engineering Department is engaged in developing new products according to market requirements and cooperates with its customers, who are seeking the solutions which would satisfy their needs.

The company’s products are based on a number of basic materials, such as: Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Extruded Polystyrene (PolyPan), PolySilver and Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), EPS concrete which are used to create products for thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and insulation for static and dynamic loads, and so on.

There are two production methods for manufacturing the company’s wide range of products:

The first is the cutting method. Using this method the raw material is cast in large moulds. After drying the block of material created is transferred for cutting by means of a hot wire cutter or blades, depending on the product and the requirements. With a cutting machine or a hot wire, it is possible to cut both straight and curved lines.

The second method is using moulds. In this method, the materials are cast in metal moulds prepared in advance, according to the shape of the required product.

We at Polybid will be happy to be available and to serve you in any way we can, both in terms of existing products, as well as in the joint development of new products.

Furthermore, the company’s team of engineers and consultants is at your service at any time, from the stage of describing a project to implementation of a solution at a construction site.