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Air compressor

It is a necessary component for foam generator's work as well as for making excess pressure to unload mortar out of RSG type of mixers. 

  • Capacity 510 l / min.
  • The cylinder block is constructed on the basis of new advanced technologies: the barrel is made of high quality cast iron, and cylinder heads are made of aluminum with large cooling fins for efficient air cooling;
  • Large oil case for better lubrication;
  • The valve plates are made of special wear-resistant stainless steel for higher capacity;
  • Dynamically balanced flywheel with blades for better cooling;
  • Electric motor with thermoprotection from overheating, and automatic re-launch;
  • Ease of operation, low oil consumption;
  • Twin-cylinder;
  • Mobile;
  • The compressors satisfy the requirement of intensive mode of operation and meet all the standards and demands made for professional equipment.