RSG-1000 concrete mixer

Weight, kg 700
Staff required 2 persons
Volume of mixing tank, l 1000
Capacity, m3/h 6
Power consumption, кW 5.5
Produced foamed concrete’s density (variations limits) kg/m3 200-1200
Voltage, V 380
Overall dimensions, mm 3200 * 1000 * 1300

RSG-500 (RSG-1000) – Horizontal leakproof mixer with embedded semi-automatic foam generator. It consists of a foam generator and a mixer, placed on a frame and connected by pipes. Mixing system consists of two oppositely directed screws. This allows foam and mortar to be mixed thoroughly. Many ordinary mixers with blades fail to produce thorough mixture. Usage of RSG-500(RSG-1000) allows avoiding gerotor pump because foamed concrete from mixer is pumped by pneumatic transport (due to compressed air from the compressor). Ready mix can be transported up to 20-30 m horizontally and up to 5-6 m vertically.

RSG-500(RSG-1000) produces foam concrete by mixing mortar and foam, produced in foam generator.

 Advantages of using RSG-500 (RSG-1000):

  • High level productivity: output of RSG-500 for D-700 foamed concrete is up to 30 m3/shift; up to 40 m3/shift for D-300 foamed concrete.
  • Embedded semi-automatic foam generator outputs thorough foam mix.
  • Easy to embed into technological lines of manufacture.
  • High reliability, durability and productive capacity (frequent scheduled repairs are not required).
  • High resistance level and low cost prime of produced foamed concrete.