Water counter

The DV-1700 water and liquid components counter is used for measuring non-corrosive, non-viscous liquids (water mixes, liquid components and compositions). Dispensing is carried out in a certain volume preset by the operator. The counter provides capacity of up to 16 m³/h and a dosing in the range from 1 to 9999 liters.

                                    Technical characteristics



Maximum dosing limit

 9999 L

Minimum dose


Set increment of volume display


Minimum increment of volume display

0.1 l

Limit of relative error in discharge tolerance of16 ÷ 1600 l / h


Acceptable limit of relative error for every 10 ˚ C


Maximum temperature of working fluid

80 ˚ С 

Maximum fluid pressure

2,5 MPa

Batcher tube internal diameter, DN


Connection Type

Threaded, 1 1/4”

Dimensions of the conter chest:


Width (without nozzles)



380 mm

290 mm

220 mm

Operating voltage

187 ÷ 242 V,

50 Hz

Weight, kg

30 kg