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Is there any demand for EPS concrete?

Concrete is one of the most saught-after materials in construction.In a sense, no construction site can be without this material, be that industrial scale one or one in a private sector. Concrete is one of the most solid construction materials.However the key disadvantages of concrete are its weight and high thermal conductivity.Common concrete is very heavy, as well as it conducts cold and heat really well, which imposes certain constraints or complicates its application in various construction spheres.

EPS concrete is a type of classic concrete, being light-weight with porous structure which is made of cement with porous excipient, i.e. Expanded polystyrene (EPS).When making EPS concrete, you can add various substances and additives into the mixture which both improve the mixture quality during its application and the quality of concrete during its operation.  Such structure enables EPS concrete to have relatively low weight and density, as well as minimal thermal conductivity.

Nowadays, EPS concrete application is one of the easiest and most effective solutions for outer walls of a building, which possess the required parameters in thermal efficiency and strength without any additional thermal insulation.Along that, the construction cost is significantly lower than with classical construction materials, e.g., bricks.The durability of a building ranges from 50 to 100 years.It is also should be taken into account how fast and easy you can lay blocks.

Considering the constant increase in fuel and power prices, when choosing wall materials, more and more developers give an eye to the insulating capacity of blocks which have relatively small thickness.

 Apart from low weight and the ability to preserve heat, EPS concrete has some other positive properties.

Firesafety: despite great volume fraction of EPS, blocks themselves are a non-burning material (NG-1 grade), as EPS pallets are inside concrete wrapping.

Biostability: blocks are not affected by moulds and fungi, they do not decay.

Soundproofness: air pores and EPS pallets damp sound.EPS concrete structures ensure excellent noise insulation.

EPS concrete blocksand lintel blocks are widely used nowadays both in customised and large scale construction.EPS concrete gets good feedback from construction professionals, as well as from consumers, thanks to its unique properties and rapidity of house construction.Blocks made of this material have large dimensions which enables you to build walls quickly.Apart from using blocks for construction, the technology of EPS concrete cast in situ is widely practised.

EPS concrete is one of the most efficient and good value construction materials.