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Manufacturing polystyrene concrete bricks

Polystyrene concrete as a construction material has been known for a long time. However, nowadays, it has been attracting the increasing interest, as it is simple and easy to manufacture, cost-effective and has excellent heating-performance properties. Another critically important advantage of polystyrene concrete blocks is that there is no need for construction professionals to apply heavy machinery. Bricks are laid with the help of glue for polystyrene concrete brick. 


Technology for manufacturing polystyrene concrete bricks

It includes several stages:

1. Preparing polystyrene concrete

It’s done by mixing raw materials in a mixer (water, chemical additives, cement, excipient, and expanded polystyrene). Raw materials are fed into a mixer batched according to the polystyrene concrete manufacturing technology.

2. Making polystyrene concrete block

This is s process of the prepared polystyrene concrete into pre-lubricated moulds for forming polystyrene concrete block.

3. Polystyrene concrete blocks hardening

After pouring concrete, the moulds full of polystyrene concrete are placed into the thermal treatment chamber. The moulds are in the chamber up to the moment when the strength of polystyrene concrete is enough to take off the walls.

4. Cutting polystyrene concrete block into bricks with set dimensions

The block is cut into bricks is done with the help of ARK Automated Cutting Complex.

5. Packaging and warehousing polystyrene concrete bricks

After cutting, the ready bricks are placed on a pallet and wrapped with a stretch film. 


Equipment for manufacturing polystyrene concrete bricks


The automated line for polystyrene concrete should contain the equipment for expanding polystyrene, inputting, batching and mixing the components, moulds for blocks, and equipment for cutting blocks into bricks. The list of technological equipment depends on the planned production capacities. Further detailed information, as well as the contents of polystyrene concrete production plant of various capacity is at the following page.

The business of polystyrene concrete is profitable, while the payback period can, on average, be from one to two years.