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Simferopol. Polystyrene concrete blocks

Opera-Crimea Manufacturing Company was founded in 2015. Today the manufacturing company is an innovative and dynamically developing enterprise. The main activity of the company is the production and promotion of high-tech materials to the market, as well as their introduction into the construction industry. In 2015, thesection for production of a new generation construction material, liquid polystyrene-concrete and polystyrene-concrete wall and interior blocks in Simferopol, was successfully commissioned. The equipment for polystyrene-concrete is produced by the Siberian Constructing Technologies Company from Novosibirsk. Delivery of equipment and the commissioning of a polystyrene-concrete plant were completed on time.

From the moment of its foundation to the present, the manufacturing company is constantly expanding the range of its services and products. Clients of Opera-CrimeaManufacturing Company are various companies, individuals, and government organizations.

All products offered by Opera-Crimeamanufacturing company (polystyreneconcrete, polystyreneconcrete walls, interior blocks, and lintels) have been certified and correspond to TU 5741-002-00729014-2014.

To date, the company produces:

  •     Block self-supporting (200mm*300*600mm) of D400-D600 density grade
  •     Block for insulation (200mm*300*600mm) of D200 and D300 density grade
  •     Block separating (100mm*300*600mm) D500 of density grade
  •     Lintels of polystyrene-concrete of various sizes
  •     Commercial solution of polystyrene-concrete (for casting) of D200-D600 grades
  •     Foamed polystyrene.
  •     Intermediate slabswith length of 3 to 6 meters and width of 1.2 meters
  •     Gypsum plasterboard profile CD UD UW with fasteners
  •     Welded grid of BP wire with diameter of 2.5to 5mm (50mmx50mm, 100mmx100mm, 150mmx150mm)


The manufacturing company will provide in full volume your constructionfacilities with a state-of-the-art building material, polystyrene-concrete. The company produces polystyrene-concrete in the form of construction blocks of all grades in accordance with TU 5741-002-00729014-2014.

Polystyrene-concrete, being an innovative and universal building material, is used in construction and reconstruction as enclosing structures, in the form of partition slabs, as well as in the form of commercial concrete for ascreed device of rough floors, insulation of walls, roofs, attics, ramps, foundations.

The manufacturing company confirms high quality of polystyrene-concrete with appropriate certificates and test reports, as well as provides a complete package of documents for shipped products.

Wall blocks and lintels of polystyrene-concrete are used in many areas of construction and reconstruction:

  • construction of cottages, suburban construction
  • low-height construction
  • construction of high-rise buildings
  • superstructure of buildings
  • thermal insulation, monolithic thermal insulation of walls, floors, attics, roofs, in the pit, frame structures with fixed formwork

Opera-CrimeaManufacturing Company is a successful, rapidly developing company, our clients are private teams and individuals, as well as large developers of Simferopol and the Republic of Crimea.The dealer network for sale of our products is actively developing as well.


The main task of the Betobloktrademark is the introduction to the Crimean construction market of a new, technological, energy-saving material produced in Simferopol, taking into account local peculiarities and needs.