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Using aerated concrete offcuts

When manufacturing cellular and light concrete, there is a need to resolve the problem related to recycling offcuts that we get when cutting the sides and the top. The importance of this issue is definitive when a company has high capacity. 

Often and often, companies resolve this issue in a simple way, i. e. transfer offcuts to the dump, forgetting how unreasonable it is. Nowadays, there are certain technical solutions which enable you to use offcuts as secondary raw materials for production and get extra profit.

Applying aerated concrete offcuts

The foundation for technical solutions aimed at using offcuts as secondary raw materials is the process of crushing these offcuts to the required size. When you crush offcuts with the help of ball mill or jaw crusher, you can get the material with particles ranging from 0.1 to 1.0 mm. Such material can be efficiently used as an excipient when manufacturing aerated concrete. Such a solution resolves the problem of offcut recycling and enables you to reduce cement and siliceous component (sand and fly ash) when manufacturing aerated concrete. Finally, it results in reduction of these products cost while preserving qualitative properties of aerated concrete.

The other and more more promising is implemented through the use of DG-1 crusher. As the result of crushing, we get the material with the particle sizes ranging from 0.1 to 30 mm. To the best advantage, this material is a good raw material for vibration-moulded bricks. VPG-40 Vibrocrusher is used to make bricks of crushed offcuts, which is the best for this purpose, as it is reliable and has a reasonable price. Thanks to the size of particles in the crushed material, we gain the best packing of these particles in the space (in the block). The unique properties of aerated concrete block are preserved, i.e. high thermal efficiency and light weight, besides, thanks to vibromoulding technology the block has higher strength properties than those of the aerated concrete. As the result, aerated concrete offcuts, getting their second life in the form of vibration-moulded blocks, will bring extra profit to the production plant owner.