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07.03.2018 Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. Polystyrene concrete plant

From 24 February to 03 March, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, our company commissioned an automated EPS concrete block production line with the throughput of 40 cu. m per shift. 

The line is equipped with an automated batching unit, polystyrene expansion section, and ARK-004 cutting unit

Locally manufactured materials, such as cement and polystyrene, are used as raw materials. Besides, the technology envisages use of fly ash (which is a waste product from fuel and energy sector companies in Vietnam) as a siliceous component. Development and implementation of the technology using industrial waste has enabled the company to significantly cut down the cost of their final products while preserving all the required properties. 

During technological works, the production modes were worked out as well as the composition of EPS concrete varieties (from D300 to D600) were elaborated. After that, our experts trained the company’s personnel to operate the equipment. At the moment, the company is actively developing application of such blocks in the Vietnamese construction industry.

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